Just got back from tour this past weekend and I have to say, it was one of the most fun tours I've ever done! I was mixing a comedy show with Fred Armisen and Mary Lynn Rajskub which was a nice change of pace from the loud pop/rock concerts I usually do. 

Those guys are super nice and cool and we also had an amazing tour manager and monitor engineer/stage tech. Touring is really fun when everyone gets along and enjoys being out there working together to put on a great show!

The biggest change from my normal touring setup was using house consoles. There was no need to bring our own FOH console since we were only 15 inputs and it was less about creating a detailed musical mix and more about keeping all the individual elements popping while they were being used for the show.

Since a lot of people ask me about the gear I use day to day as a touring engineer, I shot some video to show you some of the consoles and PA systems I came across during this tour – check it out right here: