I had so many moments of doubt while trying to build a career in this industry. Well, not really moments – more like weeks and months of doubt. It seemed like so many people I knew were getting breaks and landing big tours while I couldn’t find the way to get to the next level.

But I stuck with it and, eventually, some great gigs came my way. Now I’ve worked with Grammy award-winning and -nominated artists, touring the world doing shows at some of the most iconic venues in the world.

Pushing through those down times was tough. And not every engineer has to go through that; some people get very lucky early on in their career and ride it to the top level of music production. But most of us do have to show some perseverance and keep at it until the opportunities come along.

I recorded a video about my experience getting into the music industry and I hope it illuminates some of the career struggles that many audio freelancers have: