The entire project of The Production Academy really started because people kept coming up to me at shows to ask: “How do I get to do what you’re doing?” Maybe they're just interested in the touring/traveling lifestyle or maybe they’re truly interested in the process of running sound for live music. Either way, it made me realize there was a real need for better resources in our industry, and I set about to change that by building high-quality training for live music production.

Obviously, our live sound training can be applied to churches, block parties, venues use of all sizes, band rehearsal spaces, or any event with live music or speech. It goes way beyond just the touring or entertainment industry. However, that's my experience and I'm happy to share what I can to help others who are interested in getting into it.

One of my favorite parts of my job is working with other like-minded people. I’ve made some really good friends on tour! And when I asked some of them to give interviews for this site, they agreed (thanks so much you guys for taking time out of your work day to go on camera!).

There’s more to share from these interviews (coming soon), but for this post I just did an edit to highlight the first steps these successful production pros took to get their first jobs in the touring industry: