One of the first things I noticed when getting into live music production was the lack of women behind the soundboard. Especially in the past when setting up audio gear meant dealing with heavy analog consoles, there was a B.S. attitude that if you couldn’t lift a super heavy road case, you couldn’t be a live sound engineer.

Thankfully, that has changed some. But even though it’s more common now to see women in live music production, the workforce is still disproportionately male. There are some organizations that are working to encourage women to join our industry, most notably Soundgirls.org, and here at The Production Academy we try to support these efforts as much as we can.

One of the Q+A Webinars we did last year (which are archived as part of the Essential Live Sound Training curriculum) featured a really talented engineer, Amanda Davis. We talked about a bunch of things throughout our conversation but the topic of women in sound came up when someone wrote in with a question: