The big news today in live music was that Marilyn Manson (a famous singer, if you're not familiar) managed to climb on a stage prop last night and pull it over on top of himself. I heard he was rushed to the hospital - I truly hope he's okay!

Live Sound Distro Safety Tips.png

So it seems like a good time to bring up safety. For those people who are working on stage, being cautious is critical not only for your own safety, but for everyone else around you. I've seen people get hurt, and seen plenty of near misses. Just please be aware that serious injury and even death can occur if you don't follow the proper safety measures.

There are two main issues with stage safety: electricity and rigging. Any major work with this equipment MUST be done by a trained professional. And even though I'll be talking about electricity and show power in our Next Level Course, this isn't really something that can be officially certified in a few online videos.

Rigging includes not only the type of set prop that fell over on Marilyn, but also all the lights, sound, video, etc. that are flown in the the air.  This can be particularly dangerous. Curtis Mayfield was paralyzed because a lighting tower fell on him. If the rigging had been properly done, this never would have happened.

Live Tour Stage Rigging Safety Tips.png

So, please leave the high risk work to certified professionals. And if there's any question about what may or may not be safe, ask questions. Open communication can be one of the best ways to maintain a high safety standard.