I remember doing a show in Chicago when I was just learning how live sound worked for bigger concerts. Until then, I had only worked at smaller clubs that had PA systems already installed - but for this outdoor festival we were setting up the whole system for 20,000 people! (I think it was the Doobie Brothers playing that day...)

Needless to say, I didn't really know what I was doing and I had lots of questions. But when I started asking the older engineers about some of their techniques they were super defensive and wouldn't share information with me.

I was pretty discouraged. Maybe they were trying to keep me out of the loop because they were worried about me taking their work. Or maybe I was just asking the wrong questions. But whatever the reason, it was pretty glaring that there was a lack of resources for someone like me who was trying to figure it all out.

So it seemed like a good idea to build the resource that I always wanted to see. And when I started making videos, I really was trying to focus on two specific topics that would be good for anyone involved in live music: tips for the stage, and fundamentals of the mixer. 

I've had some of those videos up on this blog, but now they are organized on their own pages! Just click the "FREE COURSES" tab at the top of this page and sign up. And this is just the beginning of the free content that I'll be offering with The Production Academy- there's much more to come!