I've toured with these bands mixing FOH sound:


st. vincent


passion pit

ingrid michaelson


matt and kim


syl johnson

the hold steady

the juan maclean

jimmy eat world

at the drive in

ted leo



Hi! I'm Scott Adamson. I am a musician/producer/engineer who has found his calling working in the live music industry as a FOH mixer. I've mixed shows in every type of venue from small, intimate clubs to major festival stages and arenas, and I enjoy doing all of them. As co-owner of Semaphore Recording for many years, I bring an understanding of studio techniques to the shows I mix, which is very pertinent with today's live sound technology. 

I live in New York City but enjoy traveling the world as part of the vibrant and healthy touring industry. When at home, I work with a variety of clients around the city, as well as at the venue Terminal 5. 

I started The Production Academy to help bring some of my knowledge that I've accumulated over the years to those who might find it useful. 

Please email with any inquiries: info@theproductionacademy.com