Hi- my name's Scott. I'm a touring FOH audio engineer and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists, including Haim, St. Vincent, Passion Pit, Ingrid Michaelson, Sleater-Kinney, and many more. It has been a great way to see the world and be involved in music at the same time! 

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Essential Live Sound Training: HOW LIVE SOUND WORKS FOR SHOWS.

When I was learning how audio systems work for live shows, I felt like I was constantly searching for information and not really finding good answers. Even with modern internet accessibility, finding something that you can trust is tough!

So, that's why I wanted to build the resource that I always wanted to see. Something that can get your live sound knowledge up to the pro level. Something that gives you the technical skills to have control of the stage and mix with confidence. 

Here's what the Essential Live Sound Training consists of:

1. Over 100 live sound training videos, each one an easy to watch, bite sized piece of information. Every part of the audio systems we use for live sound is broken down into its own video, which makes it really fast to find exactly the info you’re looking for.

2. Explanation of fundamental audio concepts that EVERY audio engineer should know. This is the technical stuff that you need to get a complete understanding of how live sound works for a show.

3. One of a kind diagrams. A lot of audio concepts are pretty abstract! So, I worked with a world-class graphic designer to create some amazing visual learning tools that will help you see some of the topics we’re discussing.

4. Quizzes. Every video has a quiz so you can review what you’ve learned by checking your knowledge. This is a great way to make sure you’ve got it!

5. Live Sound Q&A Webinars. I will be holding LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask me any questions related to live sound or touring production. This can be about anything you want to know - what gear I use on tour, how to mix with prerecorded tracks, what a tour manager does, any kind of audio technical issues, ways we apply this knowledge on stage, or anything else.

Click below to learn more and see the video:

all the fundamentals, for free.

Of course, I want to provide good stuff that's free for the community as well! You can check out my Blog, or choose one of the free live sound video courses below. There's a 5-part course on stuff to know on Stage, and there's an 8-part course on how to use a Mixer. 

The Production Academy is an awesome online resource that provides clear and reliable information on all the technical things your need to know to work in Live Sound or the Touring industry. SoundGirls.Org uses The Production Academy for our Live Sound Camps for Girls and recommends The Production Academy to all our members!
— Karrie Keyes, Monitor Engineer for Pearl Jam and Executive Director for SoundGirls.org
Scott is able to capture the nuances of what we do in the studio and scale it up arena size. As crucial as his skill, is the fact that he cares and listens to his clients.
— Ariel Rechtshaid, Grammy award-winning producer for Haim, Madonna, Usher, Vampire Weekend, Adele, and more
This training was absolutely incredible. The sections are well thought out, concise, and excellent quality. The individual videos in each section are easy to follow and the post-video quizzes help reinforce the core concepts. I spent about an hour a day for 10 days and learned more from Essential Live Sound Training than I did in 2 years of college in audio.
— Ethan Helling, North Dakota, USA
Scott is an incredible teacher who truly cares about helping students to achieve their goals. Every topic in the Essential Live Sound Training is explained with great clarity and attention to detail, and Scott is always open to questions. I came to this course thinking that I knew the basics of live sound but I’ve been really blown away by how much there is to learn here. The programme has allowed me to build my knowledge and confidence so that after a couple of months I was ready to start taking on paid freelance work. To anyone thinking about enrolling in Essential Live Sound Training, do it! I can’t recommend it enough!
— Lizzie Arnold, London, UK
I’ve been playing shows in clubs and festivals for almost thirty years now, and I learned a number of new things from Scott’s videos. They did a great job of breaking down some concepts that I had taken for granted and helped me grasp what’s happening with the sound on stage and in the room. These videos will help anyone further understand necessary live audio equipment and help communicate effectively with other musicians and engineers. Anyone interested in live music would benefit from watching these videos.
— Craig Finn, Singer for The Hold Steady