Show Power - April 25, 10AM-2PM

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Show Power - April 25, 10AM-2PM


Class held at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY.

How does electricity work and how does it power our shows? This 1-day course looks at the way we get all of the production elements of a show powered. It is designed for people with previous experience in production. Disclaimer: this class will not certify you as an electrician! It is only for understanding the concepts of electricity and how it powers a show.


  • Fundamentals: Voltage, Current and Resistance
  • Wattage
  • Alternating Current
  • Direct Current
  • Grid Power and Generators
  • Worldwide Plugs and Connectors
  • Audio Power
  • Lighting Power
  • 3 Phase Power
  • Distros
  • Tools
  • Metering
  • How Much Power Do You Need For a Show?
  • Safety
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