Audio 101 - April 21, 22 10AM-2PM

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Audio 101 - April 21, 22 10AM-2PM


Class held at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY.

Learn the fundamentals. Whether you are a musician looking to understand how a sound system works or a studio engineer looking to transfer your knowledge into live sound, we have you covered. This 2-day course covers a wide array of audio topics and includes hands-on audio exercises. 


  • The Physics of Sound
  • Amplitude and Frequency
  • The Signal Chain
  • Microphones and Polar Patterns
  • DIs
  • Mic vs. Line Level
  • Analog vs. Digital Consoles
  • Various EQ Types
  • Dynamics Processing and Inserts
  • Output Grouping
  • Auxes, Pre and Post
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers, Passive and Powered
  • Single and Dual Console Systems
  • Stage Monitoring
  • In-Ear-Monitors
  • Splitters and Snakes
  • Audio Connectors
  • Balanced vs. Unbalanced Signals
  • Wireless Audio
  • Mixing Techniques
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